Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Herald is reporting that a scuffle occurred last night when a fund raiser was held for Martha Coakley in Washington ,D. C.. It appears that a reporter was involved in an altercation.....I do not know all the facts surrounding the incident........however I am more interested in the questions he asked Candidate Coakley prior to the incident...... which she did not answer........

Question 1........Do you stand by your statement at the debate that their are no terrorists in Afghanistan , and they have gone to Yemen and Pakistan ?

Question 2..........Why are health care industry lobbyists supporting your fundraiser ?

Are those "cheap shot questions" ?

One more question.......Will she be responding to Ayla and Adrianna Brown over the "morning after pill" amendment supported by their Father and their concerns about the Coakley Abortion Ad ?

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