Friday, May 29, 2009


Back in the 70's a young lawyer with little kids and one family car (yes,that was possible in those days) had to go to the bus stop on  Humphrey St.,Swampscott,Ma in order to get to his law office in Boston.This was a daily grind in all kinds of weather.

One day on an exceptionally bad weather day a vehicle stopped and said "how about a ride young fella " ? The Driver and this vagabond became good friends and I became a regular passenger in his car on work mornings.The Driver and I continued to see each other over the years not in cars,but health clubs and gyms.He was in amazing shape and my  last memory of him was doing aerobics in his 80's.He was called "Mr.Beautiful"by his friends which I am sure was due to his friendly and helpful disposition to all the people he encountered.

WHO IS THIS PERSON...........It was Robert M.Rose who passed away on May 22,2009 at the age of 91.He left with his random act of kindness in my mind.My thought today is for you to think of people like "Bob"Rose that are in your life now...........................

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I represented a Dentist recently who does not want his name mentioned in this "ever expanding" blog who has a business plan that has made him a success for a long time.

In one of his dental stations he has this business plan written on a door casing that would go unnoticed to the average person,but has been his inspiration each and everyday during surgery and generally in caring for his patients since he opened his practice................

What is this business plan ??? ..........Of course it is........MMFI......EE !

My thought is that we all should take this plan with us each day..................and think of it in our dealings with people,clients ,friends and family...............

M ake........M e.........F eel.........I mportant          E xceed E xpectations!!!!      

Sunday, May 24, 2009

FRIENDS FOREVER...................

Lou Panakio returned this week from a winter in Naples and this being his first Memorial Day Weekend since the passing of the love of his life,his Wife,Marcia, he asked Dave Solimine,an usher at their wedding what was appropriate at the grave site before having the headstone set.

Lou and his Daughter Lisa made a trip to the site and upon arrival found Dave on his hands and knees with the flowers,water, and other necessities.This is an act of kindness and friendship that seems to be missing in our society these days.Dave is a "keeper as a friend".

Friday, May 22, 2009


It is going to be a great weekend and I wish everyone a wonderful time with all your friends  and family..........Stop for a moment and reflect on the the brave young persons who have sacrificed their lives in following their dreams to make the world a better place for us to live our existence.
Capt.Jennifer Harris graduated from Swampscott,Ma. High School,US Naval Academy and became a Helicopter Pilot.She lost her life going to the aid of injured soldiers .........She is a symbol of all the souls that have done this for us in all of America's wars. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Michael Vick has been released from Prison to house arrest for the the next two months.

Should he be allowed to play in the NFL in the immediate future ?

My observation has been that he pleaded guilty and took his punishment without "crybabying " like some celebrities;aka Paris Hilton.He appears to be remorseful.

We all make mistakes and he has paid his debt to  society.My hope is that he is given a new chance to prove his worth,make a living and become a "role model" for young people that a person can do something wrong;learn from it and become a better person..........


Sunday, May 17, 2009


The rain and wind did not dampen the spirit of the participants of the "Triathlon-by-the-sea sponsored by the JCC of Marblehead. Director Andrew Dalton and his staff did a great job of organizing the event and having it handled without any significant problems.

As you can see I brought home the "hardware " in the "senior division" again.I am almost becoming a legend in my own mind in the sport of "tri's"

Friday, May 15, 2009


Florida's loss and Massachusetts gain!! I have a feeling with this happy threesome back the parties will be picking up for the summer on the North Shore !!!


Credit to the editor of the NANEPASHEMET BLOG for assisting me in the downloading procedure for photos.This is going to add vivid pictures to an already stimulating discussion.

It also means that my faithful followers are asked not to be camera shy......


I am pleased to see people take adversity and turn it into a positive.Drudge is reporting that Fox News has hired Miss California for her own show.she spoke her true beliefs rather than a generic answer that would have promoted her  for Miss America.Once again "truth prevails"!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


A caller to the Howie Carr show yesterday mentioned in regard to the MBTA CRASH that their should be a t-shirt with the above headline.

Newspaper reports state that the driver responsible (by all accounts) is now a transgendered male and for that reason was hired as a minority in spite of his  less than illustrious driving record.He was texting his girl friend at the time of the accident.

I am a lawyer,and I respect both sides of an argument,however I really respect the Lawyer(s)that sucessfully presented the argument that a person is a minority in the legal definition by having selective surgery in the lower extremities.

 HOW FAR CAN WE GO.............


Donald Trump received publicity for his Miss America business along with making the right decison.Miss California did not pick the question or the one asking the question,Hilton Perez.I f you watch the tape it is apparent that she was going to give a safe generic answer and then she caught herself and spoke from her upbringing about her opinion concerning same sex marriage.

 She had a right to give her opinion and the fact some people are offended by it is not a reason to hurt a young person's career, in fact it has probably made her a career.
I am of the opinion that in the coming years we will see her emerge as a gifted public figure in the Television industry.

" GO GIRL"....................................!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is interesting listening to the former  mates of Manny  from the the Red Sox and their does not appear to much support and  the overall sentiment appeared to be that they are glad they don't have to deal with the aftermath in the clubhouse.

What should MLB do? My thought is the players uncovered should forfeit more money.Let's face it the Red Sox and other teams are all about the money.Manny has been earning  25 million a year for awhile and how much of it has been earned due to "cheating".Consider all the other high profile players that have been exposed and been paid  similar amounts of money over time.The seven million being taken from Manny in the big picture does not seem like very much, except I heard a sportscaster who has observed him over the years' state that every dollar was important to him and clearly was not meant for anyone else.

A player knowing drug use will take his money and livelihood might reconsider.I know some players say they would play for nothing,however it doesn't seem that way at contract time......

WHO IS NEXT....?  WHICH SPORT.........?

Friday, May 1, 2009


My thoughts today are for the generation of young adults who are surviving in these economic times that the President has called the worst since the " great depression".I see this generation all around me and I am constantly reminded how talented,hardworking,and resourceful they are.........You know who you are......Teachers helping young students,sales people flying to all ends of the US to distribute a product,Personal Trainers helping people become the "biggest losers",Couples still making money by selling a house and bargaining a good price on their new home,The successful mortgage broker that got that same couple a great loan,and the list goes on............Police{some undercover},owners of dance studios,another who helps people get help in these economic times while facing unemployment.........The list goes on...........Contractors,fireman,homemakers......

I am proud of you all and you are the ones that make this Country great and also exciting to be part of.........."KEEP THE FAITH" AS A FRIEND OF MINE HAS REMINDED ME IN THE PAST.