Friday, May 29, 2009


Back in the 70's a young lawyer with little kids and one family car (yes,that was possible in those days) had to go to the bus stop on  Humphrey St.,Swampscott,Ma in order to get to his law office in Boston.This was a daily grind in all kinds of weather.

One day on an exceptionally bad weather day a vehicle stopped and said "how about a ride young fella " ? The Driver and this vagabond became good friends and I became a regular passenger in his car on work mornings.The Driver and I continued to see each other over the years not in cars,but health clubs and gyms.He was in amazing shape and my  last memory of him was doing aerobics in his 80's.He was called "Mr.Beautiful"by his friends which I am sure was due to his friendly and helpful disposition to all the people he encountered.

WHO IS THIS PERSON...........It was Robert M.Rose who passed away on May 22,2009 at the age of 91.He left with his random act of kindness in my mind.My thought today is for you to think of people like "Bob"Rose that are in your life now...........................

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  1. Harvey...I like this blog so much, I am now a faithful follower x 2...