Saturday, May 9, 2009


It is interesting listening to the former  mates of Manny  from the the Red Sox and their does not appear to much support and  the overall sentiment appeared to be that they are glad they don't have to deal with the aftermath in the clubhouse.

What should MLB do? My thought is the players uncovered should forfeit more money.Let's face it the Red Sox and other teams are all about the money.Manny has been earning  25 million a year for awhile and how much of it has been earned due to "cheating".Consider all the other high profile players that have been exposed and been paid  similar amounts of money over time.The seven million being taken from Manny in the big picture does not seem like very much, except I heard a sportscaster who has observed him over the years' state that every dollar was important to him and clearly was not meant for anyone else.

A player knowing drug use will take his money and livelihood might reconsider.I know some players say they would play for nothing,however it doesn't seem that way at contract time......

WHO IS NEXT....?  WHICH SPORT.........?

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