Sunday, January 10, 2010


A politician says the President is to "light skinned and only speaks with a Negro dialect when he wants"........ Senator Harry Reid (D) , Majority Leader, coined these words and their is no "outcry" from the democrats.......

If a Republican said it.........Harry Reid would be calling for a resignation and an investigation of who his/her friends they could be implicated also.........

Washington is a strange town.......... partisanship or citizenship ?


  1. God bless the Dems.

    You can say anything you want if you are on the side of the Angels.

    Most liberals are racist, loathe themselves, and associate their racism on others.

    How's that for an outrageous statement??
    - Crusher

  2. You can be a racist like Harry Reid as long as you apologize for your statements. Bill Clinton also made some choice comments about Obama after Ted Kennedy endorsed him instead of Hillary in 2008. According to the book "Game Change", Bill Clinton dismissed Obama as someone who would be "getting us coffee".( So Bill...will that be one lump or two?