Friday, August 10, 2012


We were up early and in London by 10:30 am ( 3:30 EST). We toured the City in the double busses
And saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace......The Queen,and her relatives were no
Where to be found.........
The highlight was that we did get to see an Olympic Event.....The Open water  10 K Swim which I
Assume you guys in CONUS can see this evening......We had the opportunity to purchase memorabilia and hang out in Hyde Park which is 500 Acres and is the size of Monaco ....

The weather controls .......but at the moment it appears that we will be in and on the water at 5 am.
We also were informed that Craig can be in the water every other hour with Kim rather than after each two hours.He decided that he could use some more  nourishment so we went and purchased a few more Red Bulls and power bars.

we all want this to start...Amy and Beth are making more sandwiches........and there has been discussion about "sea sickness".Craig says he would rather be in the water rather than the boat when
Discussing sickness

I will report any results as soon as I can,but we will be out of communication for most of the day.

STAY CALM,CARRY ON..........Kim is quiet but determined,trained and ready

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