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One of the greatest figures that I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED  passed away while I was on my trip to Ecuador.I strongly urge that you link to the above site.

His brave heart gave away a few weeks ago while a group of missionaries from Boston had come to assist him in helping the poor in the Mountains of Kentucky.He was in the Hospital and he requested that the Group visit him. In his true fashion he gave them a list of all things he wanted accomplished during the week......along with an overview of the Mission in the future.He passed in his sleep that evening.

He went to the Mountains of Kentucky shortly after graduating from the Seminary for a one year assignment.The year ended and instead of leaving he requested to stay awhile longer.He did not want to leave the "poor of the mountain"..........60 years or so later......His life on earth came to an end in a mountain hospital.

What did he do ?.....He built thrift stores which hired employees,the stores needed maintenance crews,
who in turn needed stores......all of which churned out an economy that needed homes,trailers,schools
and warehouses.The good people of the USA sent donations of clothes,appliances,food....you name it.....it showed up.......It was a hard week of work to unload those trucks as they came....You never knew what was in them.

He built an economy.......out of faith,love and hope.

Saint Mother Theresa visited him....since she had learned of his deeds....Yes, the same Mother Theresa
of whose Nuns had created the Hospice in Ecuador that I visited last month.

Interesting note.....Only 2% of the population that he served is Catholic.

Please pray for him and ...."His people of the Mountain"    http://www.cdlex.org/index.cfm/NewsItem?ID=339937&From=Home

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