Friday, August 17, 2012


How do you know a relationship is based on love ???......Love as defined by JOHN in the BIBLE is
not selfish,angry demanding or judgmental among other things.It is in summary putting that other person above your own wants and needs.How is that in a few words ?

The reason I bring it up is because of Kim Garbarino and Amy Simione- Garbarino.It is my understanding that they became engaged on the White Cliffs of Dover,England last year and got married in 2012.

In the failed Channel swim last year Amy was "deathly " sick during the entire time.This year she knew it was going to happen again and in spite of it all she "sucked it up "and lasted 22 hours in the boat while still doing her assigned duties during the swim.........I always say in this blog that actions are louder than words.

Additionally, Beth Simione, Sister of Amy took time off from her busy life to support Kim & Amy.
She knew what fate Amy had coming to her,but Beth knew it might not turn out all that good for her.
It didn't.......but she worked on.....and even gave a smile once in awhile.Another story of Sister Love.


  1. Thank you so much Harvey, for all your postings. I was checking them every day while all of you were on this amazing trip.
    Thank you for the postings, Thank you for the
    pictures and Thank you so much for being there
    for Kim and Amy. I am so Happy and so Proud of both of them.
    Thank you " Team Kim " for being there for my brother.
    Tricia Garbarino Titus

  2. What a beautiful story