Thursday, August 9, 2012

KIM IS READY........

Good Morning Chaps.....I was told to sleep in today....We awoke at 9 am (3am) your time
The swim for Kim is at 3am do the math.....It is cloudy at 65 degrees....The water
Is about 61.......We are going to drive a practice run to the beach.....since the evening dark with
Narrow roads and no street lights might be a little issue.....Kim is rested after watching Olympic
Boxing last night.

Later report during day.....Have to get ready for drive

It is now 3:30...15:30 at our Country retreat....We had a wonderful time shopping and walking
Around Cantebury in the County of Kent....yes the City of Chaucer fame.It is about 60 miles from
London....If you come to the UK it is worth the trip....especially for some one of the background
Such as my Daughter,Shannon who has the Education and teaching of the English language. It
Is a shame that I did not brush up on the Cantebury Tales before leaving on this adventure.It is
Modern day shopping with history surrounding it.

The thyme for the rest of the day and night is the following;

" STAY CALM,AND CARRY ON "......Kim is resting and I am sure he is reflecting on the next 24-30 hours.....Will report again.....soon

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