Thursday, June 3, 2010


I get great pleasure in "giving credit where credit is due ".......and that is the case with Kara Ring , the enthusiastic bartender with the great "laugh" the Wharf in Revere.If you want an "honest" or unique drink along with great food you can find it at the bar along with Kara and "her aim to please "

Do yourself a favor and get over there and enjoy yourself.I am not sure of her exact "shifts", except that on Monday's and Weekends she is at the helm. This picture of Kara was taken while she was volunteering for My Brother's Table along with her cousins (Kim & Kerri ) who I" cropped "out (sorry guys )........

Kara is one busy girl....She has another full time job , two great girls and a Husband along with volunteering every time it is requested.

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