Saturday, June 12, 2010


Governor Charlie Crist(Fl) in the "fight of his political life " says he is "pro life ", but in an attempt to have it both ways has vetoed legislation by giving the excuse that he is in favor of "changing hearts and not laws " concerning the issue of abortion.

The law passed by the Florida Legislature required Women who are going to have an abortion in the first trimester to have an ultrasound and either view it or have it explained to them by a doctor. Crist believes it is an "inappropriate burden" on women and an invasion of privacy......

I am a believer that knowledge is power and a woman facing this decision should confront the "truth "........Remember Jack Nicholson in the movie in which he said "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH ".....It is where the "road meets the tire " or death.......

If this issue involved animals what would PETA say ?

Serious decisions require consideration and the acceptance of the consequences.Privacy does not mean you are not required to be responsible and can act without knowledge of information that is available.........when it comes to life.

It is my opinion that the "inappropriate burden to the live baby " is greater than that to the pregnant most cases....

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