Saturday, June 26, 2010


I was driving down Lynn Shore Drive in Lynn yesterday at 5 pm at the intersection of Nahant Street and I was cut off by a fancy car with a "Drive Slow for Allie "sticker and a "Save the Whales"license plate. If I looked like a whale would he have been more polite.........

I realize that many Header's consider Lynn a nuisance in their daily passage to paradise......while others are afraid for their "life and limb "..........I understand I guess.......

Please remember the rest of us are part of the human race.......Thanks

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  1. Harv -
    We will track this perpetrator down, and bring this elite Bastard the type of justice that you only learn by growing up in the City of WIN! Lynn, Massachusetts.

    This Perp will think twice before cutting you off again.

    Probably was late for a tennis match at the yacht club.
    - Crusher