Friday, April 3, 2009

God....Forgiving.........Dead Jesuit ?

As we enter the Easter season I came upon words written by Father Jean-Pierre De Caussade,a French Jesuit writer ( 1751 )  who stated the following in part concerning  God and forgiveness.

      "The one cure for repeated unfaithfulness is to lament it,to be peacefully humble over it,and to turn to God as soon as may be.Until we die life's difficulties and humilations will be with us because of our besetting ingratitude and unfaithfulness.YET PROVIDED THAT THIS IS THE RESULT OF OUR WEAKNESS OF NATURE WITHOUT AFFECTION OF THE HEART,ALL IS WELL.GOD RECOGNIZES OUR WEAKNESS" ...........

In this season of hope contemplate the above words,keep your affections of the heart in the right place and all will be well for eternity............THAT IS A NICE THOUGHT

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