Sunday, February 19, 2012


I appreciate all that that made my weekend a "Birthday Bash".....Facebook gave a great assist since it gave people a minute out of their busy and  own weekend to say some really nice things...........My Family had a  "shindig" last night with the the "Grandchildren" who really like the moment.

The surprise highlight was from Maria Rowen who never fails ......She is thoughtful and not afraid to
spend the "greenbacks". She told me a month ago that she had something lined up and that we would talk later.....After listening to Lisa and Maria I was convinced that I was going to a "paint ball" location or on some "trapeze" contraption.The date was changed to Friday for reasons unknown to me.I picked Maria up
Friday and we were off to Route 1A....and it appeared that she was not really sure of the location.....which had me further confounded.....

She told me to stop in the "Not your Average Joe " Mall,and drive to the back stores.I knew their was a Yoga and Karate location THERE,and in fact a class in karate was in session and they had white uniforms on.Maria told me to park and she gave me a gift that was white cloth......Karate right !.......
wrong again.....The destination was next door.......EUROSTOVE CULLINARY.......What a night....
We were enrolled in a cooking class with seven couples and with the assistance of Chef Jake and his assistants we collectively made.......

Recipes Include:
  • Basic Risotto with Variations
  • Crostini with Brie and Apricot Sauce
  • Ginger Steamed Salmon with Caramelized Onion & Toasted Macadamia Nuts
  • Minestroni with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
  • Steamed Asparagus with Champagne Sauce & Red Raspberries
  • Zucchini Saute with parmesan Cheese
  • Sauteed Duck Breast with Pinot Noir Sauce
  • Warm Wild Mushroom Salad with Black Truffle Vinaigrette
  • Short Ribs Braised in Porter Ale with Maple-Rosemary Glaze
  • Winter-Spiced Molten Chocolate Cakes

I learned how to chop correctly,use a pressure cooker,make mirepoix,and use a mandoline to make spaghetti zucchini......The cooking was from 7:00 pm to 8:30pm and then we sat down with all our new friends and had a delightful meal.Of course wine was plentiful for those who wished to partake.......
It was a time to never forget.I say let's get some friends together and do it again....Thanks again Maria
for everything.....including my "very own white chef  apron"........It really would not help in

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