Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have been told it's been seven months.I last mentioned the Bruins and they are probably better than last year's team....Romney has won Iowa,will win New Hampshire tonight and who knows maybe South Carolina and Florida in the coming weeks.....How about Tebow.......He is not close to Brady.....but he is a athletic guy that should have a place in the NFL.....Some coach will use his imagination and make him a great player.....maybe Fox his present Coach.

How about the statistics this week concerning Tim.....He wears 3:16 under his eyes.....and last Sunday throws for 316 yards, averages 31.6 yards per pass and the TV Rating for the game was 31.6

I believe everything  happens for a reason.......but I cannot give you answer for it.....except maybe God
is telling you Saturday Night's game score is going to be 31-6.I do not believe the winner was announced however.
I will be back again.

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