Thursday, June 9, 2011


In this week the PILOT Newspaper had an article by Sportswriter Clark Booth that was "so good" and poignant after the last two hockey games at TD GARDEN that I had to bring it to your attention. Hockey players and fans old and young will appreciate his comments......Trust me

I am including a few of his observations by paraphrase;
"when the level of intensity reaches a certain zenith and the finest in the world at the craft are playing for that dinged and nicked old bauble they reference as the "Stanley Cup" there is no better game than the game of ice hockey"

"Hockey is more a religion than the other games.It is more tribal.

"What most media- folks find most appealing about them is that uppity airs are uncommon....and a premium is placed on being down to earth "  i.e. How about the greatest Bruin in the middle of the fans last night waving the "Horton Flag "......

These playoffs have been great and it has truly been a war between teams and their individual players, and as Clark said at the end of his article;
"it's and old fashioned condition that contemporary sophisticates might find out of style........

Hockey is like life.....You get out of it what you put into it......

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  1. I so much agree with you Harv. Hockey is a parody of life. You start out with a play that quickly goes awry.

    The puck richohets all over the place and you get hit and slammed when you least expect it.

    But every once in a while, if you stay focused, a play works and you score... or you score in a randomly unexpected situation.