Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween was great this year; I reported on yesterday morning's run thru Salem and during the Afternoon
We visited John & Joanne Nestor and the excitement in that visit included some Teenagers who run up to your house and "DOOR KNOCK" which means they bang on your door and "run off"......I did not chase them....honest.....

The annual "trick & treat " at Melissa and Norm Sherwood's house was great with wonderful food "Chili" and laugh's galore......The Grandchildren and the youthful enthusiasm that they exude is "good for the heart "

The one's I am talking about are
to the right; Tegan, Maren,Wes,
Maeve, and Lily........

I have no idea what they are
going to do with all the stash
they brought home...

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