Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was excited for Shalane Flanagan last Sunday,but it leads me to some of the sad stories that arise out of the "Sports World ". Many  great athletes are led down a "primrose path"with adulation and favors that  lead them into the real world...without an education or maturity that they need to survive.
 Last night on ESPNHD there was a program called 30 on 30 which told the story of Marcus Dupree.

The young followers of" Thought's" will not remember him,but trust me he was the best High School running back that has been recorded on film with the exception of the immortal Jim Brown of Syracuse University and Cleveland Brown my mind

At the age of 18,Marcus was being pursued by the College football powers of the South.Texas, Oklahoma,and Southern Mississippi ....and sport pages of the entire country had daily headlines on where he would end up.......Well .....He ended up at Oklahoma...and after his freshman year was an immediate candidate for the Heisman Trophy.......

I suggest you look for it......It can be purchased at or may be a repeat on ESPN.......I will leave it alone......but it is compelling and gives all young people an incentive to learn the important things in life.....and not be defenseless to all the the "sharks " and other things that get in the way of the goals you set for yourself.

Marcus Dupree is a good man and he knew that his Mother and Young Brother were  what was important to him........and he tried...........

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