Monday, May 24, 2010


It was ironical yesterday that NESN had a program showing the "Glory years " of the Bruins when Bobby Orr came on the scene, and he was a reason to watch a hockey game even if you didn't know all the rules.......He dominated games and did "things "on the ice that haven't been since whether it was his speed or control of the "puck"..........Even with his ability and strength they only won one Stanley Cup.........The Canadians upset them at least a couple of times.....

The irony of this is that the emergence of Rondo as a superstar is similar to the Bruins of the 60's in that a "young kid" shows up and makes the watching of the game "unbelievable. "........Rondo can make you "light up " and basically make you "shake your head".......He wants to win more than anyone else on the floor,and has the ability to "change the game".......Rondo has one championship and now this year is not "out of the question"

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