Sunday, May 30, 2010


The second photo is of my Parents Grave Site.Harvey and " Margo " Rowe are RIP in a beautiful lot in the Nahant Cemetery overlooking Short Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.....Thanks to My Brother Bob and his family their are always flowers ......and appropriate decorations for the various holidays during the year......Thanks guys.....and the first picture is of my Father in Law, Lou Panakio showing the finished "flower work " done this morning by Him and faithful Daughter, Lisa for the Remembrance of Marcia Panakio at Her Mother's Grave at Pine Grove, Lynn

Reflecting on Parents.......Think of all the Parents who upon the birth of their Children have the hopes and dreams that they all will grow up to be "the best they can be" and have happy and successful lives.........At first many young Mother's and Father's think that they can train and control their siblings to reach the desired "goal"......but they realize over time that you can influence and cajole them to the "right thing"......but the individual alone is responsible for the direction life takes based upon their own motivation and influences both spiritually and earthly.

So this reflection comes full circle to each other......are we "being the best we can ".....and surrounding ourselves with the proper influences to put you in the "place " you should be....and where your parents hoped and prayed for ?

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