Sunday, September 27, 2009


People who know me or follow this address know that I am a believer in "working out" and have the opinion that everybody should participate in some consistent form of exercise compatible with their ability and physical health..........

Running is not for everybody......and you know I am not a Doctor of Medicine.......however Brenda Lewin, running partner and myself, have been experimenting with a a different running mechanism...........CHI RUNNING which is described as a "revolutionary approach to effortless ,injury free running" (CHI RUNNING,Danny Dreyer,Simon & Shuster).It's focus is on posture , leg and foot placement.

Another book " Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall which centers on ultra marathoners talks about the necessity of running natural and how the modern super support running shoes cause more injuries than they prevent.....I have gone to a "lighter shoe" and it seems to be an improvement. The Globe also had an article on this subject back in April.......I really enjoyed the book and I leave you with the following excerpt;

"instead of cringing from fatigue,you embrace it,you refuse to let it get to know it so well your not afraid of it anymore.......I love the beast,I look forward to him showing up...each time I handle him better.."...

If it stops " pouring rain" I am going to run....I just inspired myself!!!!!


  1. thanks harvey -- what an inspiring post. i'm still in comfies sipping coffee but i can feel myself moving the right direction. and fall is the best time of year to get out there!

  2. Harv -
    You are inspirational. Makes me want to give up my devoted practice of "Chi Sitting", a revolutionary approach to effortless ,injury free sitting on your fat ass.