Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have never met the man,however I have had a great 
respect for him for some time based upon on all news accounts such 
as the story in the Boston Globe today.He is 87 years old and until
recently would rollerblade from his home in Swampscott down 
Lafayette St.,Salem,Ma. to his Office at Shetland Park with the
ponytail "blowing in the breeze"

A local Rabbi called him a moral giant. WHO IS THIS GUY ? ?

This person is a Bernie Madoff "victim" but he is more than that..........

The latest story mentioned above tells the tale of him and his family
donating  $ 5 million dollars to restore the retirement savings to approximately
60 employees of his Charitable Foundation and family enterprises
that was lost in the scandal

Robert I. Lappin is a " giver ". From being a vacuum cleaner maker
to giving $ 30 million to Jewish causes on the North Shore including
his Youth to Israel travel program WHICH SENT 82 Teens last week
to Israel

Robert I Lappin is an inspiration and shows What is great about this 
World  created by God...............

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