Monday, July 27, 2009


This weekend I had the pleasure to get invited to a cookout hosted by my hero
Dicky Gardner and his lovely and dedicated Wife Jane.I was given the chance to strike
up a conversation with Terrell Patterson whose picture I had seen on Facebook,but
never had met before...............................

Terrell ( right ) at first seemed low keyed and laid back until he started discussing his
work at the Plummer Home for Boys in Salem.

He related that he is a Supervisor of 4-5 Counselors who are each responsible for
approximately 4 boys that attend the School.
The Boys are older (14-18)and their history includes their being abused and neglected
and / or struggling with managing their behavior....

The individual stories are "heart breakers" and the boys are nearing the age where they will be released from foster care for the most part at age 18

Terrell is attempting to help them gain a skill at an alternative school along with teaching the
"day to day " functions of living independently before being released from "the system "

Terrell is another "unsung hero " who lives his passion by action in spite of the reality that the odds are
against these children.......Success can happen.......but it is difficult knowing what these
young persons have endured......

You can learn more at

Terrell keep it going..........and GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!

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