Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have just returned from dinner
and "happy hour" at The  "Blue Ox "
at 191 Oxford Street in Lynn.......
and let me tell you it is one
"happening place"!!!

The establishment is run by Atty.
Mark Dejoie, Matt O'Neil "Chef 
Extraordinare"and Charlie Gaeta.

The food is terrific,however it is moderate in price. The patrons are friendly and it seems like "everyone knows your name".It is a little like "CHEERS " except the meals are much better at the "OX" and this is a comfortable place rather than a tourist trap......

The "bartender" (above) is none other than the famous John Pace who was the celebrity behind
the bar tonight.The deal is that all of his "tips" are for the benefit of LIVESTRONG that raises money for Cancer.This was very successful and the owners have stated that they intend to have this charity event once a month. WHAT A GREAT IDEA.................

If you have an idea for a charity event and the "celebrity bartender" would work for you get in touch with the group from the "OX"

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