Sunday, March 9, 2014


The pool at the YMCA IN Swampscott/Marblehead  ,Ma.was the site of a magnificent feat today.
Kim Garbarino once again pulled off an amazing swimming milestone.

He swam for 24 hours.He started at 1 pm yesterday until this Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

Let's do a little math.The pool  down and back for one lap is 50 yards.30 laps is is 1500 yards
add two more laps and you have the magic mile of 1600 yards.(32)

I was with Kim in the pool mid morning today and he said that he stopped counting miles at thirty early
morning.he did not know the exact time.

So……He knew he had done 960 laps…..He may have stopped counting at  4-5 am and he continued
swimming until 2pm Sunday.He ended at 2pm because of the Daylight Savings change.

His original goal was to be a mile an hour for 24 hours…..He passed that …..and who knows what he exactly did…..UNBELIEVABLE……..1200…..1500 ?......or more.....

Many people gave him support including his lovely Wife,Amy.I am sorry I do not have  the names…
Kim thanks you all.

I also had the opportunity to see his good friend Sgt. Joe Ross, of the Massachusetts State Police
swimming beside Kim this morning and making a visual observation of his Health.Joe had stopped over at the pool two other times during the night and early morning to check up on him.

Everyone can use a friend like that…..even if you could not swim.

This effort was for the YMCA YOUTH SWIMMING PROGRAM.Please go to the Y website and
give them some money…..Come on….do it.

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