Sunday, September 2, 2012


I asked for a hero last week.......and I did not get a I found some "right under my nose"

I try not to "kick someone" when the are down,but it was noticed that Jersey Shores has been cancelled.
It  has been a "thorn in my side"that the characters of the show have been popular beyond belief the last few years and been rewarded for their unruly behavior and beliefs;while other young people go around trying to do the right things ... and never getting rewarded or "fully realized for their actions"

I am changing that right now  !!!

Have you heard of CAMP SUNSHINE IN MAINE   ?

Here is a paraphrase of it's website;

"On the shore of Sebago Lake,Camp Sunshine provides  respite ,support,joy and hope to children with life threatening illnesses and their immediate family......."

Meaghan Walker of Lynn, Molly Durgin of Lynn, Brooke Bergeron,Swampscott, Gabe Skelton of Lynn, Lily Gardner of Lynn, Jake Kiley of Lynn and Megan Lang of Peabody along with Teacher
Doug Lowe of St. Mary HS,Lynn,Ma. are the heroes.

All of the above young people took time away from their families, responsibilities and summer jobs to
give love and support to children and families in need during a difficult time in their lives.

God Bless  these superstars.....and take a look at Camp Sunshine and consider volunteering or giving them financial support.

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