Saturday, September 15, 2012

AMERICA.........ONE NATION......

My Daughter Melissa is a friend of Kate Quigley whose Brother was one of the Americans killed during the attack at the Libya Embassy......He is Glen A.Doherty a former Navy Seal from Winchester,Ma.who died defending Ambassador Chris Stevens as his Security Guard.
He is an American Hero who stands for all that is great about this Country........and I have been privileged to be given Kate's email to her family and friends.THERE ARE TIMES WHEN WE CAN ALL STAND TOGETHER AND PUT PARTISAN POLITICS ASIDE.
I wii let Kate speak for herself and Glen;

Dear Friends and Family,

I wanted to take a minute to share with you all the events that took place yesterday because it was truly a memorable day and I wish so many of you could have experienced it with us..  

We began the day early at a breakfast meeting with the State Departments top officials as well as the families of Chris Stevens, Ty Woods and Sean Smith.  There was raw grief in the room but it was really nice to know that we were not alone in this and the families of the other fallen hero's were amazing.  In speaking with Chris's family they are concerned with the fact that they don't know his wishes for the future, no conversations were had.  I am thankful that myself and others did this with Glen and we know exactly what he wants.  I spent time with Ty's family and he was professionally much like Glen.  A professional who set the bar above the top and settled for nothing less, also one of the best in the field.  His close friend, and former seal who was close to Ty and Glen  told me he didn't let too many people in, but Glen was one of them.  He said Glen could imitate Ty's mannerisms perfectly as no one else could.  I am glad to know that Glen had one of his boys with him, as we all know with Glen that was of utmost importance.  

At Andrews Air Force base we spent a few hours prior to the ceremony again with the families and top officials.  It was here that we met with Obama, Biden, Clinton, General Powell and his wife, Congressmen and Senators, etc.  They all spent time talking, crying, hugging us (I couldn't get Biden off me.....enough Joe!) He was quite a character and had a lot of fun with Jack and Thomas.  He gave them the gold coin of the Vice President which is an extremely elite club to be in and an invitation to the White House....they were thrilled.  Thomas was dying to ask President Obama for his coin but was shy to do it.  He chose instead to drop Biden's coin at the Presidents feet as Obama was chatting with my brother Greg as a way to let him know he had it.  Obama....not to be outdone by the VP not only ponied up his own coins for the boys but boxes of candy with the Presidential seal and more stories and traditions about how these coins are to be used.  We were never rushed and I was amazed at how the highest members of Government knew much about my brother and the others.  Congressman Markey presented us with a flag that he flew over the Capitol building at half mast....we were the only family to have this honor.  Hillary Clinton spoke to us candidly and beautifully about the realities of the middle east.  My boys were truly impressive to all in the room and I was so very proud of them.  Barbara handled herself with strength and grace.  Greg, Alice, True and Naomi were strong and beautiful.  

The actual Ceremony in the hanger made me so proud to be an American, it was beautifully done.  The fact that both Clinton and Obama brought Glen home is something I know he is smiling about (politics aside!)  My story telling, name dropping brother can't tell this one so I will do it for him....but I know he would have loved it.  In the beginning of the ceremony Chris Stevens mother broke down.  Barbara was about to put a hand on her shoulder, instead Obama go up from his seat and came over for one more hug before he himself went up to the podium.  The words and traditions of bringing these boys home were beyond beautiful and I felt a sense of peace inside of me.  There was a moment of lightness as Ty Woods father's cell phone alarm went off and he could not silence it.  Our State Department friend, former Secret Service took it upon himself to relieve the nice man of his phone and shoved it under his leg to silence it..  After all the words and prayers were spoken there were more hugs from all and greetings from Senator Kerry, and John McCain.  The Libyan ambassadors also came to us with hugs and traditional middle eastern greetings and a very surprising/unexpected message.  He looked at me and said "we will get those responsible for this, I promise you that....sooner or later."  It was nice to hear and a promise I hope is kept.  

The mood after the ceremony was much lighter as I think we all had a sense of peace from our experience.  There was some laughter and jokes, and my nephew True was given helicopter twirls from our State Department friend, former Secret Service/Marine/dear friend of Glen's.  It was a beautiful sight.  If Glen were telling this story he would add that he were surrounded by Secret Service to make it feel even cooler.  We said our goodbye's one last time and watched the plane with our boys depart, headed for one more stop before hometowns.  

I am so proud to be an American on this day, and I have witnessed the best in the business helping to make a really shitty time a little bit better.  Politics aside the day was handled with the utmost professionalism, tradition and beauty.  Glen is proud.  Glen is honored.  Glen is home.  

Feel free to forward to any and all, thanks for all the kind words and support,


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