Thursday, April 19, 2012


I do not know if you noticed that Jamie Lewin of Washington,D.C.won the UPPY AWARD .....She graduated from George Washington University has a great job in recruiting and is in graduate school.She finished the Boston Marathon with a time I considered great.....She is never satisfied....This works to her advantage.....It drives her To greater success. It is my opinion that we all should look to her.....for assistance and guidance in the important things in life. In addition to the above mentioned activities she is active in the non profit "Back on your Feet" in which she takes homeless people for runs in the hope of making them physically stronger and more emotionally stable....She is a role model for young and old alike So now we come to you.I am taking a leadership role at Brother's Table and I can use all the help I can get. 300 meals daily and 90,000 annually are given to anyone that needs a meal for any reason...We are funded by The "goodness" of people and do not accept any public tax money. Many people volunteer....some sit on the sidelines ......You know your history....If your time has come to be Involved find me and I will help the Table Thanks for the consideration........

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