Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It is obvious that the Democrats and Republicans are concerned about "Tea Party"candidate O Donnell. She is a conservative who is anti abortion and has also opposed pre marital sex which includes not taking things into your own hands "if you know what I mean"....I saw the video that has surfaced on that issue and it appears that she was in college at the time.

THe latest one on witchcraft was when she was in high school and according to her was 17 years old at the time......What was the President interested in when he was that age.My memory is that Hillary Clinton was a Republican at that time in her life......"Pre-Bill "

The other issues include the amount of time it took for her to graduate from College and paying taxes late.Her general remarks are that she was from a middle income background and she had large education loans and bills to pay.She stated that the rich may not relate to her circumstances.....

Stay tuned for more..........


  1. Listen, I came from a far poorer background that O'Donnell...six kids, dad labored in a sheet metal factory, Mom went to work so we could go to college...I graduated with a small loan (paid off in three years) and no other debt. I worked my butt off, tutoring, being an RA, anything I could do. I never dabbled in anything but Christianity, was a virgin when married, and had two kids after that, both of whom are college grads with no debt (and one a lawyer with no debt.) So come on, most Americans are like her except that we pay our taxes, pay our bills, and were never into witchcraft. She is wrong if she thinks she is me. She is nothing like me or any other person I know, and I would never vote for her.

  2. Wow ! You appear to be the type of person that I admire....Where do we go to vote for you.....

  3. Sorry, Harvey, I'm too smart to run for office. I see what the media does to you. But as far as talking about Christine's past (which no one would even know about except for HER talking about it on national TV, by the way, why doesn't the right get off Obama's back about Bill Ayres, whom he knew briefly what, 20 years ago? Fair is fair. Or, unfair is unfair, I guess!

  4. You are right about not running;however ON GOING BACK IN TIME....O'Donnell basically was a kid in High School and she does talk to much. however on the President I think it was necessary to investigate his relationship with "Billy Boy" who was nothing more than a 60'shomegrown terrorist.
    I have been reading Obama's War and my opinion is that the President is a patriot and is doing the best he can....that may help him leave that issue behind him.