Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It seems that animal cruelty is the the issue of the day.......We have the proponents for and against
Michael Vicks' reinstatement to the NFL.......and whether he is truly sorry for the treatment he bestowed on pit bulls.......

and then we have PETA WHICH IS PROMOTING "UNHAPPY MEALS" and the slaughtering of chickens and beef by Mc Donalds Corporation (right) and how it is a terrible ..........

Some people will say that it is not the same thing, however, what about the slaughter of a fetus....
I do not see much outrage about that.......forget the issue of abortion......how about the pain and suffering....,like the chickens and cattle........

Question of the day...........



  1. According to CNSNews.com "They" don't take a position.

    PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) does not take a stand on whether abortion kills unborn children.

    But 'it' did give President Barack Obama a catch-and-release bug trap after the president killed a fly on camera during a television interview.

    PETA supporters believe chickens have emotions, fish are sensitive and flies are fellow citizens.

    Quantum physics states that everything in the universe is pure energy, differing only in rate of vibration. Maybe carrots and peas feel pain...

    PETA is NUTS...

  2. Maria......Thank you for your comment and research

    It almost makes me feel bad for the chickens and cows knowing their advocates are PETA WHO SEEM TO CREATE A " BACKLASH " RELATIVE TO EACH ISSUE THEY INVOLVE THEMSELVES.....I agree with your assesment of them as a group

  3. I'm against anyone who hates Happy Meals. Chicken tastes good and so do Eggs.

    Assholes need organizations like PETA so they can hang out together.

  4. PETA is a perfect example of a good idea gone REALLY FRICKING BAD. They do not help the cause of animals at all, as I can tell you that I am a champion of animal rights and think PETA is off their onion in pretty much every way.

    I do feel the way most animals are slaughtered for food is very cruel, but in and of itself, killing for food is simply the cycle of life. I'm a strong advocate of fishing and hunting (although I don't hunt, but I do fish).

    The best options for meat are to go to your local farmers. The animals are raised in a normal, cruelty-free environment (farmers don't jam thousands of chickens in a small, confined space), and they are slaughtered much more humanely (no scalding of live chickens, etc.). Also, the prices are typically a lot better than you'll pay at a market or butcher. And best of all, you'll be supporting our farmers!