Friday, June 19, 2009


George Weigel,Senior Fellow, praised Dom Dimaggio who passed away at age 92 last month.Young members of "Red Sox" Nation probably are unaware that during his career (1940-1952) with two years in the military during WWII he accomplished the following stats;from 1940-1952 he had more hits than anyone in the Majors,including his friend Ted Williams and his Brother,"Joltin' Joe"who became a national celebrity and among other things was married to Movie Star,Marilyn Monroe.His fielding was his hallmark,In his years in centerfield he had 147 assists from the outfield and during two of those years threw out 19 runners each season.............
    He was never inducted into the "Hall of Fame"more than likely because he just did his job and did not look for the celebrity status that we see in this "modern era".He was a role model,family man,and loyal friend to many,including "Johnny" Pesky of Swampscott

Weigal went on to compare him to a character in the book/movie "A Man for all Seasons" in which a person is given advice that he would be a good teacher and That person responds "And
if I was, who would know it"...................

The Answer........"YOU,YOUR PUPILS,GOD.NOT A BAD PUBLIC................
                              THINK ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read the entire article in the "Pilot" 6/19/2009

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