Thursday, December 23, 2010


I do not feel comfortable criticizing Attorneys in the "heat of hearings", but if the facts related in today's paper are true somebody on the defense team made a "boo boo".....a big one.

The hearing was for pre sentencing  of Former Representative Diane Wilkerson..........and the defense called a Developer to the Stand who they assumed would be favorable to her........and the opposite was the outcome of his testimony.He stated that he paid her $ 10,000  in cash and that was after she said that" she preferred it that way"She can get practically no punishment or 160 years....The US ATTORNEY'S Office wants 4 years.......This witness is hurting her hope for freedom.

The cardinal rule in law school was .....never ask a question that you do not know the answer to......The Defense has a prominent member of the Harvard  Law School faculty, and I assume he knows the rules.

This is as bizarre as the matters that occurred in the Chuck Turner Trial.....Are the Lawyers listening to the clients too closely or being forced to act in less than the best interest of the them due to their direction ?

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