Sunday, December 27, 2009

SECURITY..........WHAT TO DO........

I assume that the lines at the airports are going to go "slow" after this latest terrorist attack and bags will be opened and checked with more frequency.........One thought I have which will speed up lines and not inhibit security is to establish a "express line"............

The express line would be available to people who are willing to "travel light"......i.e. no bags, no belts, no liquids.........A certain percentage of people fly to second homes etc. and they have everything available to them at those locations.........I do not have all the specifics in my head, however a plan can be developed........additionally, A new market can be developed for smaller quantity items that can be purchased at destinations........The incentives to use the express could be in the form of financial award , arriving at the terminal shortly before flights ( no wait) and what ever else the "brains can think up".....

One other matter which I will DISCUSS LATER is that this new combatant should be under the control of the CIA and tried by a Military Tribunal.......It is obvious by his actions and his own Father that he was involved in a form of War against the USA and was ready, willing, and almost able to take lives with some substance which he probably got from an organization "at war" with us.


  1. If we would only admit that the only people trying to kill us have been Muslim extremeists, and stopped trying to be so politically correct by searching every Grandmother and Girl Scout, the lines would drop considerably.

    We have to catch the bastards when they buy the ticket, not when they are trying to get on the plane.

    - Crusher

  2. Crusher.......You are correct.....We have to be realistic ........They admit that they are combatants,but we keep treating them otherwise.....Instead of having the CIA and FBI getting information they are allowed to "lawyer up" and refuse to talk on the basis of the 5TH Amendment....among other rights afforded.