Sunday, November 8, 2009


Anonymous comments are always welcome,and in fact are encouraged on "Thought 's "........however when you ask me a personal question about a person who has been a subject on this site and it appears that the request is of a derogatory nature or otherwise not tasteful., and not directed at the issues being discussed.....It will not be published AT MY DISCRETION.........I received one such request yesterday......and as such it will not be published.......In this case I suggest that the anonymous writer go and "look into the eyes of the persons he mentioned" and ask them the same question.....

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  1. Harvey -
    There are a lot of whack job comments that people make on my Blog too. You are right to deny these losers any share of glory on your Blog.

    Let them write their loser comments on their own loser Blog.

    Keeping it Real.
    - Crusher