Friday, March 13, 2009


I did not vote for the President of the United States or the Governor of Massachusetts so don't blame me,and further to the critics of my voting decisions I am not racist.I did not go to Harvard,however, I cannot buy into the direction they are both going politically.
      President Obama gets his spending bill then states yesterday that things may not be as bad as he originally thought and then turns his attention to a radio talk host.Karl Rove in his blog this morning gives you his reasons for this in detail.
       Governor Patrick while traveling with his security detail appoints a long time supporter to a goverment position that has been empty for 12 years at the rate of $ 175,000 annually.This is a person who has been looking for a job awhile.I guess her husband's judge salary is not suitable.It appears that the the gas tax is going up maybe the tolls won't and then again the State Tax that we could have eliminated last year could go to 5.4%
       The new revenue appears earmarked for the State for the most part while Cities and Towns in the Commonwealth are left to take care of themselves,and forced to layoff teachers,custodians,police,and fire.WHAT ABOUT THE STATE BEACON HILL ?


  1. It is outrageous that he can cut aid to cities and towns, knowing it is causing job losses all around the state, and then make this appointment. Maybe he thought no one would notice? There would be an outcry if something like that happened on the town/city level right now.

  2. Most people I know are busy working and tryng to do the right thing while our elected officials at all levels serve themselves first with pay raises and new cars and nice vacations at the taxpayers expense.

    Where is the hope and change Mr. President?

    Let's 'hope' for 'change' in 1327 days...

  3. Maria, The count is on,see Deval's poll numbers today 3/26